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How To Get The Best Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils are a way of smelling amazing without wearing perfumes made from questionable ingredients. They carry potent components that plants offer, and therefore, you have to use them safely. The aromatherapy of essential oils is their most divine part. When you experience an essential oil, the scent receptors all over your body react, and this comes with lots of benefits. There are various flavors of essential oils, and you can choose to blend whichever you decide to get the most out of them. To get the best here’s some more info about them.

While selecting an essential oil is in a sense like choosing a perfume, it can help you in enhancing your wellbeing. Pure essential oils made from happy, healthy plants are the best essential oils to go for. If you want top quality essential oils, then here are some of the things you need to look for.

No Additive or Synthetics

Since some plants have oils that are difficult to extract, companies may add synthetic oils to the products for them to sell at a lower price. They can match the smell well, but you will not get the full aromatherapeutic benefits. Look for blends made with a hundred percent essential oils, that are tested to ensure they have no added synthetics or chemical residues. This will guarantee you that you are getting the real benefits of these plants and a product that has a beautiful smell. So you should buy from a company that you trust to source pure ingredients.

Synergistically Blended

A single essential oil may offer some benefits, but if you blend them synergistically, they will work together for more powerful effects. For instance, spruce essential oil supports the adrenals, rosewood helps to dispel sadness, lavender encourages rest, and frankincense promotes mental peace. These essential oils together make a multi-faceted calming blend.

The smell of the blend is a major factor. You want blends that are balanced well, with recognizable top notes which are anchored by the subtle base notes. The result is a blend that smells beautiful and offers something sophisticated and unique. To vet a blend for synergy, look up every oil in the blend and read about its properties. Look for a mix of various notes for a balanced scent. Also, look at the aromatherapy of every oil to know how the oils work together.

Intentional Aromatherapy

Essential oils are luckily not a new invention. They have been used since time immemorial in ceremonies, rituals, and as medicine. Therefore, their attributes and benefits are known. This knowledge has been passed from one generation to the next. Dozens of studies have been carried out on essential oils and scent affect us, so you have both tradition and science to draw from whenever you are thinking about using essential oils for aromatherapy.

The process of creating blends should start the effect you desire from the blend. What you need more in life and the kinds of moods you are trying to avoid or encourage will play a significant role. You can then select essential oils that will together create your desired aromatherapy.

When choosing your essential oil blend, whether you are selecting what to use for the day or the one to purchase, you need to focus more on what you need more in life. It is a good practice for being intentionally and having a reminder that tells you to be vibrant, open your heart, and stay calm.…