an energetic dog

Three Tips on How to Deal with a Feisty Dog

Feisty dogs are full of energy, high-drive, and sometimes can be aggressive towards strangers or other animals. Some breeds like terriers, border collies, Belgian malinois, and Australian shepherds are known to be not suitable for beginner dog enthusiasts. However, even retrievers and greyhounds may get anxious and restless.

As an owner, you must know how to deal with a feisty dog because your dog might be one someday. Let’s learn below!

Consult a Trainer

If you are a first-time owner, you should not base your training solely on articles you read on the Internet.

However, you should not think that by enlisting your dog in a dog school, you can free yourself from any involvement regarding the program. A dog school requires both owners and the dogs to get to know each other. You must allocate your time for the training so that you can get the best outcome.

Walk Your Fluffy Companion Routinely

walking a dog in the wildA feisty dog is asking for attention and is eager to do some activities together with you. In some dogs, this behavior shows up occasionally, while in some others, it can happen almost every day. Therefore, as stated in the introductory paragraph, you have to know the natural traits of your dog according to their breed.

Dogs that are walked routinely by their owners are less likely to be anxious and aggressive when they encounter new things. On the other hand, dogs who rarely go outside are often nervous and hostile when they meet a new person or hear some strange noises.

Moreover, it will be also a good idea to make your dog meet other dogs. They need to socialize too, you know.

Talk to Your Dog

a jack russel terrierYour dog cannot understand your language, of course, but they can still read your tone, see your facial expression, and evaluate your emotion. Dogs are sensitive creatures. They can understand you better than you think.

Therefore, by talking with your dog, you condition them to be familiar with human presence. You should also make yourself clear about when you are mad at a particular undesirable behavior, and when you reward the desirable one with your voice. A simple sentence like, “Good boy,” can work.

Nevertheless, do not yell at your dogs when you’re mad. If you do this treatment excessively, they will associate other humans with you, which later can turn them into a hostile dog.…